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Just a note about me - I'm a crafter wanna be:o) and am enjoying every minute that I can work in my craftroom (aka the Girl's room). Its called the Girl's room because my daughter (and other female visitors) usually stay in this room. And because our two cats that we call "the Girls" love to come in and visit me when I'm crafting - otherwise they are locked out - they just love feathers, glitter and lace! I'm a member of West Branch Creative Arts Association which gives me an avenue to meet other crafters and support art in our community. And, I'm a "card carrying" member of the Red Hat Society. I belong to the Foxy Ladies Chapter, the Incredible Hatters and the Bionic Babes - our main focus is FUN and that's very easy with these ladies! Since retiring November of 2011, I can't believe how busy I've been - don't know how there was time to work!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Is Summer really coming soon? please hurry!

It's been cool here this past week with lots of rain - mind you, I'm not really complaining, well maybe just a little!  I'm just anxious for summer warmth to coax the blooms from my garden. 

I did enjoy working in the garden and flowerbeds yesterday and watching the fat yellow honeybees and butterflies feasting on my chives plant - I let it go to flower just for them...and a little for me:o)

And the flowers are so pretty - little purple pompoms!

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