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Just a note about me - I'm a crafter wanna be:o) and am enjoying every minute that I can work in my craftroom (aka the Girl's room). Its called the Girl's room because my daughter (and other female visitors) usually stay in this room. And because our two cats that we call "the Girls" love to come in and visit me when I'm crafting - otherwise they are locked out - they just love feathers, glitter and lace! I'm a member of West Branch Creative Arts Association which gives me an avenue to meet other crafters and support art in our community. And, I'm a "card carrying" member of the Red Hat Society. I belong to the Foxy Ladies Chapter, the Incredible Hatters and the Bionic Babes - our main focus is FUN and that's very easy with these ladies! Since retiring November of 2011, I can't believe how busy I've been - don't know how there was time to work!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

They are in my thoughts....

Although I know that the families and friends of those that perished in the Sandy Hook massacre will not be reading this post, I feel driven to put my thoughts into words. 

It is hard to look at a little child and not think back to the horror of that day last week when so many innocents lost their lives.  To think of the teachers and others that put themselves in harms way to save their "kids".    Teachers, administrators, janitors, lunch room workers, electricians and others go to work each day not expecting to risk their lives........

Has your view of our world changed?  Have you paused to think what can be done to protect our schools?   I'm afraid this is so complex that answers will not come easy but we must begin the discussion .....

To quote so many...life has to move forward and healing needs to begin - but they will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cookies on Parade!

We just finished with our Cookies on Parade! sale at the 4th Street Gift Shop.  This was our biggest cookie sale to date.   Our members donated some beautiful and delicious cookies and candies for our sale - all the proceeds go to scholorships for local youth artists. 

There were so many cookies donated we had some left after we closed the sale at the Gift Shop so we took the cookies down to Home Depot and set up a table there.  Our Cookie Chairperson, Dorothy, stayed and sold cookies to customers and some of the employees!

Now here's a few yummy pictures of cookies to make you hungry!  There's just too many cookies to put all the pictures here.

I made a traditional oatmeal cookie with raisins and walnuts - with sprinkles on top of course.  And, a delicious fruity vanilla cookie with red and green cherries, dates and walnuts - soft and lightly sweet!!!

Of course we had to have sugar cookies with decorations - wouldn't be Christmas without these!

Don made peanut brittle and wrapped them in these cute bags with reindeer tags!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Finally back in the swing with new creations!

Well I bet you thought I had disappeared!  Just took some blogging time off so I could craft - hope you enjoy my new creations!

This apron is made from recycling old jeans - its easy to get lots of jeans once you mention your project to your friends and neighbors.  Then, all you need is a bit of fabric, some trim, lace and decorations - buttons, buttons, buttons are a good choice!!

This isn't an original idea but the decorations are mine - adding buttons, ribbons, flowers, etc adds a bit of ME to the project!  The apron is fully washable - the large flower at the waist is removable and can be worn as a hair decoration.

I'm working on another apron for my secret pal for the Red Hat Society - I'll post pictures when it is finished.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lady Hugs A Lot

Introducting Lady Hugs A Lot - she's dressed all in red with rhinestone choker and bracelet.  She has a red feathered hat and sequined shoes and purse.  She is all handsewn and decorated.  Lady Hugs A Lot is visiting the Ogemaw County Fair and hopes to come home with a ribbon!!!

Lady Hugs A Lot

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sassy Sally is Stepping Out

Sassy Sally is my latest creation for entry in the County Fair.  She is a brunette and loves red lipstick!  Her dress is hand-sewn multiple layers of purple sheer organza with sequins, purse is also hand-sewn with a crystal closure and her necklace is red and clear crystals.  Her hat sports a bright purple feather with a glittery red band and a purple flower in the back and a hat pin with crystals to match her necklace.  And, to top off her fancy dress she has a fluffy red boa.

Ok, so my inner girl is coming out!!  Always loved playing with paperdolls as a girl and this is just as much fun!!!

Poor Sassy Sally - she didn't get to go to the County Fair - I signed up for the wrong category and she doesn't get to party at the Fair - there's always next year:o)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Its Official - let the happy dancing begin!!

I'm so excited!!!  I'm going to my first Red Hat Society Convention - Atlanta, GA in April 2013.  And, my sister is going with me:o)  Whoop!!!

This will be a fun filled 5 day vacation with Red Hatters from all over the world, happy dancing now!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Red Hat Pendants

Good morning!  Can you believe it is already Friday the 3rd of August - where has summer gone?  I've been working with custom designed pendants and have finally finished three - of course they are Red Hat ladies!!   It was fun selecting the papers and deciding on how to add feathers and bling - mind you the size severely limits how much bling!!   I hope you like them - drop me a note if you'd like instructions on making your own.

I'm entering this one in our County Fair - wish me luck!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Red Hat Lady

Here's a pic of my latest Red Hat lady project - I first covered a picture frame insert in fabric (just wrapped it around to the back and glued it down), then I hand-sewed a purple net petticoat and a velour dress.  Next I added some bling and lace trim.

Her hat is made of sequined trim which I sewed and then put over her forehead (that way you don't need to add hair).  Added a few fluffy red feathers and one purple in the front, just for flair!! 

Then I stitched and glued and stitched and glued everything to the fabric insert and put it back into its frame - just be careful so her feathers and petticoat doesn't get stuck in the frame!  This Lady is ready for a party!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little candle jars and thingys!!

Wow!  I'm posting twice today!  Wanted to show you the finished candle jars that I've been working on and talking about - included in the picture are two "thingys"...just some beaded hangers to brighten up your windows!

My favorite is the candle cup on the bottom left with the red lace accent and beading around the top -  do you have a favorite?

Birthday Hat!!

Well, I've finally finished the purple birthday hat!  Red Hatters wear red hats all year, except during their birthday month - then we were purple hats!!!  So here's what I did to decorate the base hat - made a pretty purple ruffled flower and added a bit of bling in the center, sewed red crystals to ruffled lace and sewed it on the hat.  Then, I sewed some really fluffy purple feathers and a few skinny, stiff looking accent feathers and sewed it to the hat under the flower!! 

I'll be dropping this off at the Gift Shop tomorrow and hopefully someone will love it as much as I do!!!!

           Before and After

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sister Talk!

Just had to call my sister Helen tonight and brag a little about the cute little jars of strawberry jam that I made with berries from my garden!  Aren't they too cute?  Love the 1/2 pint jars that are wide mouths.  This is the first time I've canned strawberry jam - always made freezer jam.  I shared a jar with my neighbor and friend Kathy - she's my taste tester (I don't eat full sugar foods so this tasted way too sweet) but she rated it delicious!!!  So I'll be entering a jar in our County Fair - wish me luck!!

And of course, I had to share a picture of the purple hat that I added ruffled lace trim and red crystals to as decoration - all are handsewn - no glue for this little hat!  Now I'm making a pretty flower and some feathers and this little hat will be ready to sell.

I'm heading back to my craftroom to finish some of the projects I have on the table.  Will be glad to finish and start some new!!

Have a great evening and stop by again when you have time!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Webster's Pages Rocks!

Head over to www.websterspages.com and enter their "Prepare to GASP!! {& WIN our NEW! Perfect Accents}" giveaway!  While there check out their new creations - they will make you gasp!!www.websterspages.com

Photo: Ooooh-la-LOVELY...did you see the Park Drive Perfect Accents {and we're giving some away on the blog today!}


A Whole Lot of Crafting Going On!

It's been a while since I posted but I have a good excuse!  I've been crafting - haven't you?  So here's a few pictures of my latest creations!  These are hand-sewn lace flowers with feathers and beads.  Perfect for a red hat decoration!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Where Did the Girls Go?

Its thunderstorming tonight and our Girls (Lis Sis and LuLu) have gone in hiding!  They don't mind the rain but thunder and lightening are another story!!  Me, I can sleep like a baby in this weather!!!

From the Garden

Can anything be better than strawberries from your own garden?  Just picked this afternoon - a delicious dessert!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Just too cute!

Still working on beading these cute little jars I'm turning into candle holders! A few more beads and wire and they'll be ready to frost the outsides ...yep...I should have frosted them before beading but you know the world isn't perfect and neither are my crafts!

Saw this design on-line and would give credit but I've lost the web-address!!!

Feathers and lace hair accessories!

Still putting the finishing touches on these little hair accessories - love the feathers and netting!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Girls

Rather "crafty" looking Girls!  Lil' Sis when she was a baby and Lulu this year at Easter.  They are 3 this year.  The Girls are sisters and adopted from our local shelter.

The Polka Dot Closet: How To Make A Lace Lampshade

The Polka Dot Closet: How To Make A Lace Lampshade - love all the crafty ideas, especially this lace shade!

Poppies in Bloom

Spent another day up north tending my in-law's house getting it ready to sell.  Couldn't help snapping this picture - aren't they beautiful?  Never seen such big poppies - they almost look fake!  Hope they like my garden as much as they liked her's:o)

This will make a pretty greeting card - feel free to use it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Crafting for a Cause

Sometimes a Crafty Girl just has to do something that meets a higher goal....at least on a very small scale.  A while back I joined a group called Swap-Bot (www.swap-bot.com) - its been loads of fun joining the various swaps - usually related to crafting.  Check them out when you get time.

Anyway, back to a higher goal - I joined a swap called "Holocaust Butterfly Project".   This is a project hosted by the Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas.  They are gathering 1.5 MILLION, yes that is 1.5 million, butterflies of all types and medias.  This represents the number of children lost in the Holocaust.  To date they have collected around 600,000 and still have a ways to go.

Our goal is to make as many butterflies as possible, send them to the swap coordinator who will post  pictures on Flicker then send them in one massive (we hope) box to the Museum.  Each of us have a swap partner - we write a letter to our partner describing how we felt when making the butterflies - talk about an emotional and moving craft project.  I feel honored to submit my contribution to the Museum - since Texas is my birthplace I hope to visit the Museum next summer and view the butterflies and look for my small contribution.

So I hope you take the time to visit the Museum at http://www.hmh.org/ed_butterfly1.shtml - its worth the visit.

Is Summer really coming soon? please hurry!

It's been cool here this past week with lots of rain - mind you, I'm not really complaining, well maybe just a little!  I'm just anxious for summer warmth to coax the blooms from my garden. 

I did enjoy working in the garden and flowerbeds yesterday and watching the fat yellow honeybees and butterflies feasting on my chives plant - I let it go to flower just for them...and a little for me:o)

And the flowers are so pretty - little purple pompoms!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Red Hat Fun!

Have you ever wanted to join a group of women that enjoy getting together and having FUN?   Well that is exactly what the Red Hat Society is - FUN!

Ladies who are nicely aged (over 50) wear red hats and purple clothes and our sisters who are under-age (that is under 50) wear pink hats and lavender clothes.  And, since this all about FUN - there really isn't a dress code - some of us love dressing up with all the bling and some are more casual - its all about what you want to do - did I mention FUN?

I belong to two Chapters - one is made up of 3 ladies and the other has more than 40!!   And, sometimes I (we) join up with other Chapters to attend events.  Its all about sharing time with each other.

Ok, so you don't know what an "event' is?  It can be anything from a meal to attending a play.  I've been to a pajama party at a local restaurant and to a progressive lunch at 3 of our sisters' homes - and everything in between!

So, from time to time I'll be sharing some of our FUN and a few pictures.  If you decide that this may be something you'd like to do send me an email or visit www.redhatsociety.com  We love to have you join us!

In the Garden

Been working in my garden off and on (more off than on) all week - the weather has been nice but too windy to rake leaves today!  Rake a patch and watch them blow back, then start over!!  LOL

I've finally planted the irises and daffidoils that I brought back from my mother-in-law's garden.  We are readying the in-law's house for sale so I'm raiding the "extras" in the garden!!!  Just can't help myself - love those flowers!!!!

This evening I'll be raking again and pulling weeds.  And, maybe tossing a few plants that just aren't behaving:o)  Perinnals gone wild!!